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Sharing Your Tracker Collection

For a list of shared collections, see Shared Collections.

Its easy to share your Tracker web resources (especially Tracker ZIP files) using the OSP Digital Library PHP script. Here's how:

  1. Download the file and unzip it on your local machine to obtain the PHP script file "library_collection.php". You can rename it whatever you like.
  2. If desired, edit the PHP script to exclude specific file types and/or subdirectories. Read the instructions at the top of the script for more information.
  3. Upload your resources and the PHP script file to a single directory (with subdirectories if desired) on a server.

The PHP script automatically finds and catalogs all Tracker resources in that directory. By opening the script URL in Tracker's Digital Library (DL) Browser, users can browse the resources and open them in Tracker with just a double-click. Note: the server must be able to run the PHP script. You may have to change the script extension. Check with your web administrator if unsure.

Optional but recommended: add HTML information files to the same directory. For more information, see Digital Library Browser.

To share, email the url path to your students or colleagues. Or better yet, email it to who can (if approved) add it to the Collections|Shared Library menu visible to all Tracker users.

For more control and flexibility you can convert the PHP collection to an XML collection. For more information see Digital Library Browser.