Main interface

1. Main view

Each Tracker tab, like Swing above, displays the following components:

2. Video frame

The controls at the bottom of the video frame allow you to control video playback and examine specific video frames:

Basic controls:

Other displays and controls:

3. Data frames

Plot / video interaction: Click any point of interest on a Plot (graph) to inspect the video at that point in time:

Select Plot/Table: Change any data frame from a Plot to a Table view (or vice versa):

Change Plot axes: Change the variable plotted on either axis by clicking the axis label and selecting a different variable.

Change Table columns: Check variables to select the data columns to show in a table:

4. Toolbar

The main toolbar at the top of the screen enables you to control the measurements displayed on the video, define mathematically-modelled measurements, and take angle and length measurements directly from a video frame. From left to right the tools are:

Measurement selector enables you to choose any of the measurements from the video to act on with the Measurement control (see below). It also enables you to create a center of mass virtual particle or other modeled “particles” that can help you mathematically recreate some aspect of the recorded event. [See Modeling.]
Measurement control enables you to make the selected measurement visible or not on the video display. If it’s a modeled measurement, you can also modify your current model definition from this control. [See Modeling.]
Axes button shows or hides the coordinate axes. (Violet in image below.)
Ruler button shows or hides the ruler, measured in meters. (Blue in image below: Length from pivot to bottom of swing.)
Protractor button shows or hides the protractor, measured in degrees. (Green in image below: Angle of swing from vertical.)
Help button opens this Help window.

5. Tool use notes