Chapter 8

 8.1 Vectors and Operators as Shorthand for n-Tuples of Number and Functions
 8.2 3D-Visualization of Vectors
 8.3 Basic Operations of Vector Algebra
  8.3.1 Multiplication by a Constant
  8.3.2 Addition and Subtraction of Vectors
  8.3.3 Scalar Product, Inner Product
  8.3.4 Vector Product, Outer Product
 8.4 Visualization of the Basic Operations for Vectors
 8.5 Fields
  8.5.1 Scalar Field and Vector Fields
  8.5.2 Visualization Possibilities for Scalar-and Vector fields
  8.5.3 Basic Formalism of Vector Analysis
  8.5.4 Potential Fields of point sources as 3D-Surface
  8.5.5 Potential Fields of Point sources as Contour Diagram
  8.5.6 Plane Vector Fields
  8.5.7 3D-Field due to Point Charges
  8.5.8 3D Movement of a Point Charge in a Homogeneous Electromagnetic Field