1.2 Directories

The whole book consists of 3 units:

Figure 1.1: Main directory Tree

The main directory ExMa, that can be copied to an arbitrary place on the hard disk, contains the pdf file Exmat.pdf, the EJS console and the directory Workspace with all simulation files. In doc are some documentation files for EJS and in bin some configuration files. Workspace contains as sub-directories export for all executable jar-files and source for the xml-files that are meant to be opened from the console. In Output html-files are saved while working with the console and config again contains configuration files.

Export is divided into RoessMa for the mathematical simulations of the ongoing text, Butikov and compadre for the physics simulation files of the appendix and Others in the directory source contains further physics simulations in xml-format.

It is advisable to create links for the pdf file Exmat and the Console on the screen (in Windows: Desktop), in order to find these files quickly without searching for them. Please take care not to change the deeper directory structures, otherwise some hyperlinks will not work.

As long as the simulations are accessed from the text, you do not have worry about the directory structure, since it is saved in the hyperlinks. However, as soon as you want to edit a simulation from the console, you are asked for the location of the file.

The directories RoessMa in export and source are structured into directories in the same way according to topics. This is illustrated in Fig.1.2 for the example of the sub-directory differential calculus with 6 individual simulations. The initially empty directory Experiments is intended to save the data for your own experiments. This setup prevents that the original files are overwritten by mistake.

Figure 1.2: Directory Tree of mathematical Simulations